10 Fundamentals For Successful Perth Local SEO Campaign


Perth Local SEO Campaign Fundamentals

10 Elements Of A Great Perth Local SEO Campaign

With Google changing their ranking factors between 500 – 600 times per year, it can be quite difficult to know what to work on for your Perth Local SEO campaign. SEO is every changing but are there elements that will always ensure a website ranks well in Google?

The reality and underlying truth is SEO will always be constantly changing, so ranking factors and your focuses will have to make a dramatic shift over time.

An example of dramatic SEO change was when Google released:

Although there are frequent SEO updates, there is some good news. White Hat SEO’s focus on strategies that will work well over time no matter the algorithm changes.

If you’re tired of hearing the same ranking strategies over and over again, then pay attention to this blog post.

It’s important to note that these fundamentals can be applied to any business for any niche in any location. So take this formula and apply it to your business.

So without further a due, here are the 10 fundamental elements for a high performing Perth local SEO campaign:

1.  Purchase a .com.au domain and SSL Certificate

If you’re business just starting out online or implementing your first SEO strategy we recommend you get the first steps correct.

Purchase an Australian domain (.com.au)

Google provides relevant search engines based on countries, and a users geographical location & IP play a big part in what search engine a user will be served.

If you’re living in Australia then Google will serve you it’s Australian search engine google.com.au, if you’re in the United Kingdom users will be served the google.co.uk and so on and so forth.

If your local business has .co.uk domain the chances of you showing up in the Google Australian search engine for a Perth relevant search term is highly unlikely.

By purchasing a country-specific domain you’re providing a more relevant experience to Google and it’s users. A better experience = higher rankings.

Purchase an SSL Certificate

Having a .com.au domain for your local business is important but combine it with an SSL certificate is really setting the foundations for a great SEO campaign for your local Perth business.

Websites today need to be Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and Google has added this into their Algorithm rankings factors.

HTTPS sites get priority over their HTTP counterpart so making sure your site has an SSL Certificate from the get-go is positioning

2. Design a Mobile Friendly Perth Website

Whether you’re building a new website or redesigning your current website, we always recommend finding a mobile-friendly theme.

Today the majority of WordPress themes are already optimized for mobile making it easier for businesses to follow Google’s guidelines  and it’s one of the reasons why WordPress is our preferable CMS 

Mobile Friendly Website

Ever since Google’s Mobilegeddon, they have made it very clear that under optimized mobile sites will not rank in mobile. As a result, plenty of marketers have taken the necessary steps to redesign their websites.

You also want to make sure your website is:

  • Mobile friendly
  • User-friendly
  • Has a fast loading speed.

Google provides a useful tool that tells you if your site is mobile friendly. You can test your website by following this link here: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly.

As for the website redesign process, you can always start by contacting us to discuss your redesign goals. A lot can go wrong in a redesign which can affect your current rankings, so using an expert would be the preferable choice.

3. Improve Your Websites Page Speed

Website speed is becoming more and more important and Google has introduced this into their algorithm as a ranking factor. Not only that, a website speed can affect your conversions. A faster website provides a higher conversion rate over slower performing websites.

Here are a number of website speed test tools you can use:

4. Use Custom/Business Relevant Images On Your Website

Branding is important. How you position your business in your space can be the difference in people coming to you instead of a competitor and the same goes when it comes to your website.

The images, the colors, logos,  etc should reflect your business. Using custom graphics to catch a users eye will also help increase your on-page conversions.

Most SEO campaigns focus on traffic and not conversions. What many seem to forget is conversions is the second most important metric after traffic. Yes you need traffic, but you need that traffic to convert, otherwise, your efforts have been a waste of time.

Make your website an asset rather than just a brochure. You can do this by ensuring everything on your site is custom rather than just stock images and your design is professional, attention-grabbing and reflects your brand. Your website should establish report and position you as the authority in your space.

5. Proper Perth Local SEO Keyword Research

It has become very clear that keyword research is the most important part of any SEO campaign. In fact, it is usually the make or break of most SEO campaigns.

Your Perth SEO campaign should target 10-25 keywords that could be popular in your local area. The quickest method to identifying new keywords for a local business is by using Google suggest.

Google suggest allows you to enter a keyword into the normal Google search bar, and in turn, receive a bunch of similar keywords. For example, if you’re doing Mechanic SEO you a user would search for “Mechanic Near Me” ” Perth Mechanic”.

For this example, we just typed in “ Perth Mechanic”, and here is the Google suggested searches:
Perth Mechanic Local SEO
This is a simple way to analyze keywords you may want to rank for. Please, note these terms are been shown by Google because they are frequently typed into Google from other users.

To take your keyword research to the next level we recommend the use of keyword research tools.

These tools allow you to collect more data and see more opportunities you can rank for or target with PPC campaigns

Here are some free keyword research tools you can use:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Keyword Tool

7. Create a Google My Business Page & Bing Places Page

If you want to dominate local SEO for Perth then you can’t avoid this. If your business hasn’t created a Google My Business Page or a Bing Places Page, we highly recommend you do so NOW.

These pages allow your business to show up in search terms related to your niche in the SERPs and Maps and if you have multiple shop locations than it’s even more important to have your business listed.

Google My Business Local SEO Perth

Key Features Include:

  • Business Description
  • Website
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Services
  • Photos
  • Reviews
  • Posts ( Google My Business Only)

Both provide data and analytics as well and plenty of other options your business can take advantage of.

We highly recommend you get your business on Apple Maps as well. With a high volume of Apple users who use Apple maps & safari, there is a huge opportunity available for your business.

8. List Your Perth Business On Niche Relevant Directories

When performing Perth Local SEO, you want to start building business citations and list your business on as many relevant Australian directories as you can.

It’s important to know that when listing on a directory you choose the niche and location that’s relevant to your business if the directory doesn’t have those options then don’t add your business.

Once you’ve selected your directories, add your business to them and add relevant images, descriptions, and maximize the available information fields for your business so you can get better local rankings.

If you need more information on listing on directories, read our article on the Top 10 Australian directories and how to optimize your listing on them.

9. Create Internal Directory On Your Perth Website

If your a business that services multiple suburbs in Perth, then creating a directory for each service location is a bright idea. Let us say you service 20 suburbs nearby, well you want to create a page for each of those service locations.

See what Google does is pinpoint the location a user is searching from so they can show the most relevant search results and thus provide a great experience for them.

If a user types in Mobile Mechanic, Mobile Mechanic Near Me and their location is Cannington then you can expect the search results to show relevant mechanic that’s closest to them.

By implementing a directory strategy you can rank for location-specific suburbs enabling you to generate more traffic, leads & sales.

Service Location Directory SEO Strategy

It’s also important to know that you should put relevant content about your business on each suburb your service page including your history, products/services, business phone number, location, testimonials, etc.

Basically, you want to adequate content on the pages.

You also want to add keywords in your titles and within your content that’s relevant to the location you’re ranking for.

For example, you want to rank for – “Mobile Mechanic Cannington”

So you create a suburb page for Cannington, then in your content, you place keywords within your heading title’s and the page content as well as your Meta Title, Meta Description, Images, and image Alt text.

If you’re struggling to figure this out, head to our article what is On-Page SEO.

Heading 1 Could Be: Mobile Mechanic Cannington or Cannington Mobile Mechanic

We also recommend when you create suburb pages you connect them to a parent page i.e South-Perth.

So your URL will look like this:




If your business has multiple shop locations you can implement the same sort of strategy for each shop location you have.

9. Write Localized Blog Posts For Your Town/City

Let’s say for example you’re in Fremantle, WA and you want to rank in that town. Instead of creating random content regarding your industry and niche, try creating content that is specific regarding that town or city. A great example is this exact blog post you’re reading right now.

By doing this, Google notices that you’re referencing local and you will appear in the local search results. This is even more powerful if you link back to your targeted ranking page with the targeted anchor text.

10. Use Social Media Marketing To Improve Social Signals

Although social media is not a direct ranking factor for local SEO, it is still important. Google sees activity on social media as a ranking boost and an SEO optimized social media account will rank in the search engines bringing traffic to your business.

But prior to the contrary belief of manipulating social signals, Google now likes to see authentic social media presence. For Perth local SEO we recommend your company is listed on the following social media sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

Google monitors these social platforms as they are the most popular online. Create these accounts, and then actively post. Make sure to share your web content on these social platforms as well.


When optimizing your SEO campaign for Perth local SEO, ensure you’re contacting industry experts.  Plenty of agencies will talk a big game in the beginning but few by far will actually deliver life-changing results for your business.

It’s important you do your due diligence and check the agency’s references before committing to a contract.

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