5 Benefits of WordPress For Small Business


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WordPress has come along way since it first hit the internet scene way back in 2003 where it first started out as a singular bit of code to enhance the typography of content.

Since then it has turned into the most utilized Content Mangement System (CMS) in the internet space today with over 26% of the websites online using WordPress as it’s core CMS.

More than just a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a powerful CMS providing huge flexibility and customizations to web designers, web developers, industry professionals, small businesses and large corporations.

You can pretty much do anything with WordPress except make a coffee but never say never.

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5 Benefits of WordPress For Small Business

1. WordPress Makes Web Design Quick & Simple

The days where small businesses would need to pay 1000’s of dollars for a custom-made website are over. WordPress provides an affordable solution for businesses needing a quick web setup, and with thousands of themes to choose from, having a professional-looking website has never been easier than it is today.

2. WordPress is Incredibly Flexible

WordPress is simply amazing. It’s simple enough to slap together a professional website in no time, but advanced enough to completely customize whether that’s custom code or via WordPress plugins, WordPress gives you the ability to create a website for any industry for any need.

3.  WordPress is SEO Friendly

Today it’s all about having your business rank in the search engines and having an SEO friendly website plays a big part in this. With 99% of WordPress themes code now optimized for SEO, you’re pretty much on the good side of Google from day one.

With various WordPress SEO plugins available to increase site speed and user experiences like W3 cache and image optimization plugins like WPsmush at your disposable, it takes little effort in creating an SEO friendly website.

4. WordPress is Mobile Friendly

Since the introduction of smartphones, mobile internet usage has climbed alarming ever-since and has now taken over desktop as the leading device. With mobile leading the way in internet search usage, a mobile compatible website matters and just like WordPress themes being SEO friendly, they’re also compatible across all devices including mobile.

5.  WordPress Provides your Business Full Control

With WordPress, you have control of nearly every aspect of your site and can easily make those simple updates yourself. You can login to the backend of your website and create new pages, blog posts, add or remove images, manage users or update, add and remove products if you’re using woocommerce. WordPress gives you full control for all your business needs.

* If you’re looking to set up an E-commerce store using the woocommerce plugin it’s important you’re using an E-commerce theme that is compatible with woocommerce.


When it comes to flexibility, customization, affordability, design, SEO and mobile-friendliness, WordPress is by far the best CMS for small businesses. WordPress gives you endless possibilities and we haven’t even spoken about the advantages of WordPress when it comes to Marketing.

With ongoing updates with the WordPress application and themes and plugins improving on a daily basis, you can have peace of mind in the longevity of your website.

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