How To Rank Page 1 On Google
How To Rank Page 1 On Google Ethically

Want to know how to rank page 1 on Google? Probably a rhetorical question but it’s what we strive for when it comes to our website, but before we get…

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Video Marketing
Video Marketing, Is It Right For You?

If you ignore video as a marketing tool, you are making a big mistake. In this age of mass media, it’s not easy to stand out, that’s why you need…

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SEM Myths
5 SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Myths Debunked

Some might argue that due to the constant changes happening in the digital industry, and the frequent updates in search algorithms from search engines like Google, you are better off…

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SEO vs PPC: The Debate Continues

The debate whether Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a more effective tool for online marketing has been raging since the industry’s inception. If you…

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Free Fonts
5 Free Websites to Download Free Fonts

Finding the right fonts for your website, Apps, printed or online projects without having to pay for them can be difficult, especially when you are desperately trying to meet a…

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