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Many businesses are increasingly turning to blogging as a new marketing front. But there are some conservative entrepreneurs who put off blogging for business thinking it is inconsequential. Well, they cannot be more mistaken. Blogging is one of the most essential needs of any budding business.

These are some of the benefits that accrue to any business that adopts blogging as one of its marketing strategies:

Blogging Builds Trust and Demonstrates Competence in a Particular Field

Creating useful, valuable content for your readers will portray you as an authority in the specific field you choose to blog about, or whatever niche your business is in. Over time, by regularly providing tons of consistent and useful information, people will know your business’ site as the go-to depository of critical, fresh, and unbiased information on a certain area thus increasing your credibility leading to new and long term customers. Check out this article on “How to build a credible blog and why it matters“.

Again, blogging will make it easier for your business to address client’s concerns as well as keeping them in the loop of trends in the industry. You only need to make sure that you provide accurate and useful content to build trust with readers and potential customers. By providing copious amounts of useful information, without sounding like a self-serving marketing tool, the readers will do their own independent research, and it is most likely that they will turn to you for a solution to their kind of problem.

According to surveys, people are increasingly becoming more trustful of information they get from blogs, and they are more likely to regard blog content highly than they would regard traditional advertising and don’t just take our word for it, check out top 45 blogging statistics businesses need to know.

Blogging Attracts Qualified Traffic to your Site

Each time you create fresh content for your site, you increase the likelihood that your page rank will improve and rope in more traffic through the creation of relevant, keyword-rich content. Besides, each new post adds an extra indexed page to your business’ site and shows Google that your site is actively being maintained and updated.

Studies have shown that posting frequently has a great impact on traffic to your site. According to Marketing Benchmarks, businesses that blog 15+ times a month get five times more traffic than those businesses that do not blog at all, or that blog, but not as frequently.

Blogging for Business Quick Statistics

Free Marketing in Social Media

One of the proven methods of drawing customers to your site is by sharing valuable content in social media. It is easy for site visitors to share your content in their spheres of influence in social media if the content is valuable and interesting.

Moreover, SEO rankings are sometimes, though in part, influenced by social interactions. Therefore, it is important to aim to increase some social signals so as to rank higher in search engines. Some of the social signals that determine SEO rankings include Twitter retweets, LinkedIn shares, Facebook shares, Google +1s and shares, and Pinterest Pins.

Blogging is Unlimited Advertising

Though it takes eons to reap considerable gains from starting a business blog, the fact is that business blogging is a long-term investment in advertising. Whether you create the blog posts by yourself or you hire an agency to do it for you, the blog posts will definitely keep being a great source of information for visitors to your site.

And that is one goal blogging scores against traditional advertising. While traditional methods of advertising attract customer’s attention for some specified period of time, blog posts will stay for a long time and will continue being valuable to all site visitors.

As the business will continue to grow, and your blog posts increase, the value in the content will keep increasing as well. The right blogging strategy will drive traffic to your website increasing the opportunity to generate leads and sales, so here are 5 tips to increase blog traffic.

Blogging Makes Customer Care Easier

As any business will confess, many customers have very many questions about a product. There are complaints as well. The support staff probably listen to variations of the same concerns and questions over and over.

Your business can deal with this problem by creating blog posts that address those questions and that create a permanent record to which you can point prospective clients to.

This will save valuable time because instead of addressing individual requests, you can craft a well thought-out piece that generally addresses the variety of concerns that your customers have. It also fosters credibility.

That, again, educates the prospect such that by the time the would-be client gets to the sales team or to you, they are already aware of many things concerning the product and are ready to make a purchase decision.

Blogging is an Avenue to Get Honest Reviews, Complaints, and Compliments from Customers

Blogging is an ingenious way to get honest reviews, complaints, as well as compliments from your customers. In your blog posts you can encourage your customers and prospects to leave comments on what they think about the information provided, or about a particular service your business offers, or about any other product that you provide.

By actively engaging the customers and addressing your customer’s concerns you will demonstrate that indeed you care deeply about them and that you genuinely want to serve them well. This, of course, adds credibility to your business.

Moreover, positive feedback from customers gives confidence to other prospects, while negative feedback provides you with an opportunity to respond to the concerns, defend the services/products, or improve the business process.

However, you should be careful how you respond and manage complaints. You should expect some negative comments, but don’t react negatively to them as that will leave a negative impact on the perceptions of the online community and some of your followers. Be patient and understanding.

Blogging Helps in Developing a Brand or Personality

Blogging is largely personal in nature, and this enables your business to generate online interactions and conversation, thus projecting a planned and distinct image, personality, or specific traits, for example, being innovative, or being focused on customer service.

These characteristics will first need to be defined and planned so as to ensure consistency.

Blogging can also help you to reach new customers

Blogging is also a surefire way to expose your business to new customers as well as present a rebranded business face to the existing customers.

This is made possible by the interconnected nature of most social media platforms, thus, a customer can share content or an experience with his/her network.

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