How Google Ranks Videos and Images in Search Results


How Google Ranks Videos & Images

Want to know how Google Ranks Videos and Images in the SERPS? Google’s John Mueller Answers.

Firstly, Who is John Mueller?

John Mueller is the Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. He’s been working at Google since September of 2007.

Before joining Google, he owned a software company in Switzerland for more than 12 years.

How Google Ranks Videos and Images in Search Results

Google’s John Mueller provided a detailed answer about how Google chooses to rank images and videos in the search results.

The question was about how Google chooses to show images in the search results pages (SERPs).

Here is the question:

“I’ve seen a lot of times I got some image results when I search for a search term. How does Google identify that images is good for showing in the results?”

John Mueller didn’t mention search intents. It was kind of implied in the answer. What was really interesting is his description of how Google’s system takes a query and processes it.”


“In general, what happens when we show multiple kinds of search results on a page, such as kind of that image box and the normal text results, sometimes the video results as well, that comes in kind of…

so essentially what happens when someone types in a query on Google is we send that query to a lot of different indexes a lot of different search systems within Google.

And we try to send it out to as many of these systems as possible on the one hand so that we get answers from them.

On the other hand, that we also get quick results… the web results come back really quickly and images take a longer time because I don’t know, somehow images are a bit slower today. Then at least we have the web results that we can show.

But essentially we send it out to all of these different systems and the systems tell us how relevant the results are that they have.”

Beau Buckley

Beau Buckley

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