Maximizing Conversion through Advanced Email Marketing


Advanced Email Marketing Strategies

Every small business out there would consider sales as their main struggle, especially when they are just starting out and still building their reputation.

How one could surpass this struggle varies from one another but one fool-proof plan that anyone can do is to market their brand as much as they can.

One of the most successful ways of marketing your products or services is to use email marketing and it can be related to the fact that 99% of consumers check their email every day.

Advanced Email Marketing
Source: DMA

But email marketing can be tricky if you don’t have the right strategy for your marketing plans. Your emails might be ignored or be sent directly to your customer’s spam, which loses the chance of sales.

So how do we get conversions from email marketing? The answer is through advanced email marketing techniques.

Having the right strategy can definitely boost your email marketing game and get a higher chance of ROI!

What is Advanced Email Marketing

In a nutshell, advanced email marketing is composed of strategies that would give you more insights on what your customer wants, needs and what can attract them more in terms of buying your products.

“Email marketing is a really beneficial and easy way to increase your sales”.


It considers the recipient’s behaviour online, their shopping habits, things that spark their interest. With this, you get more ideas about what to send them moving forward which leads to getting their sales sooner rather than later.

The difference between Regular Email Marketing and Advanced Email Marketing

Email marketing is important to one’s business as it gives you connection to your customers even if they are not in your store or website. It reminds them of your products or services and heightens their interest in buying it.

Email Marketing

Is the act of sending commercial messages to prospects and customers through email. It deals with your outbounds. Things such as the open-rate and click-rate are monitored with this marketing.

Advanced Email Marketing

But with advanced email marketing, it doesn’t just send out your marketing but it also monitors the emails interaction with the recipient, which can help in creating and managing automated and personalized emails for your customers.

What Makes an Advanced Email Marketing

Great advanced email marketing have are email automation, list segmentation,personalized emails with engaging content for every client.

1. Email Automation

As the name suggests, this is automatically sending emails to your customer using triggers such as action triggers and time triggers. This takes off the burden of sending emails manually to every customer and makes your life a lot easier if you have a big customer list.

2. List Segmentation

With list segmentation, you divide your whole email list into smaller and more targeted groups.

Its goal is to increase your subscribers’ engagement and for the email to actually grab their attention and have them open and click on your campaign. The goal is to ultimately send them down the end of your sales funnel.

3. Personalized Emails and Engaging Contents

The more personalized an email is, the more it gains the interest of the customer. But what makes it personalized?

You don’t just use their name. You also need to analyze their web behavior; things they put in their cart and related stuff. Those things can help you create engaging contents to have a higher chance that your customers would want to receive and have business with.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Credit: GiantPartners

Maximize Conversions With Email Marketing

Email marketing and conversions go hand-in-hand if you plan and execute your strategy nicely. To make you hit the goal and not miss it, here are some factors you should consider to get higher conversion rate:

4 Key Points To get Higher Conversion With Email

If you follow these key points you should see improved email open rates but more importantly an increase in clicks and conversions.

1. Mobile Optimization

Optimizing your emails to be mobile-ready is a must nowadays as using a mobile phone is very convenient anywhere. A big factor you should also consider is the fact that 49% of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

Make sure that you consider the width of the email when designing your email. It should be 500 to 650 pixels max or else your customer will need to scroll the email horizontally.

mobile optimised emails

Credit: GiantPartners

2. Performing A|B Tests

It is vital to perform A|B testings or split tests on every campaign you will do. This can help you increase your open rate and click-through rate.

Create different tests for every aspect of your emails; you can start with simply testing 2 different subject lines or changing your CTA buttons with different colors every test. Take note of the difference and see which yields better results.

Keep on testing until you got the best formula to use for your campaign. This is a big help in getting a higher conversion rate after every campaign.

3. Clear Call to Action

When creating your CTA, make sure it is clear, short and powerful. It should pop and be placed in obvious parts of email where recipients can see it right away.

Having an “ADD TO CART”, “ SHOP NOW”, or whatever action you’d want them to take in bold colors is the most common approach that businesses use when it comes to promotional emails.

For plain text emails, it could be less obvious but it’s definitely not hard to make it clear so long as your email content is designed to be easy to scan.

4. Update your Email Listings

As time goes by, your list will get bigger and bigger which is exactly what you want! But with that, the percentage of your inactive subscribers might also get bigger which can decrease your conversion rate.

To resolve this, set a regular schedule to clean up your email listing. You can set it quarterly or every other quarter to make sure you get a fresh list to send emails to.

Last Words

Remember to make your emails clear, personalized and most of all, engaging. Don’t forget to test your email to get better results after every campaign.

And keep in mind that the more mobile-friendly your campaign is, the higher chance you’ll get to make more sales!

Using advanced email marketing can really get you a higher conversion rate as long as you set each campaign with considerations according to your business needs and customers’ demands. Plan ahead and learn from every test you’ll do to create the best strategy for your marketing campaigns.

Steve Page

Steve Page

Steve Page is the VP of Digital Strategy for Giant Partners, a data-driven digital marketing agency that accelerates marketing performance with custom audience lists from LISTGIANT, strong branding, effective websites, compelling content, proven advertising and automation.

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