Adwords / SEO / Web Design

Jack Frost Car Air Conditioning


To completely re-design the frontend of the Jack Frost website built to convert traffic into leads and implement a local SEO strategy.


We stuck with WordPress as the CMS making it more affordable and robust for the needs of the client. With WordPress being highly favorable in the search engines this would enhance our SEO strategy. We made sure throughout the entire website that all content, images, and links were all relevant to Jack Frost Service. We chose specific keywords to rank for and implemented a directory SEO strategy to have Jack Frost dominating his local area in the search engines.


We started from scratch and achieved an amazing design that the customer was delighted with. Every page is SEO optimized with each ranking for individual keywords related to Mobile Air Conditioning and Auto Electrics.

Our directory strategy for local SEO has proved a massive success with Jack Frost ranking for over 120 queries within their first week and being on First Page of Google for over 15 keywords. Our strategy has increased Traffic by an alarming rate which has seen Jack Frost generate leads and sales 7 days after completion of website and SEO strategy.

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