Top 10 (PPC) Pay-Per-Click Advertising Networks


Pay-Per-Click Advertising Networks

When it comes to PPC networks you probably only think about AdWords and Facebook. However, as you probably know, those aren’t the only PPC networks out there. Due to the enormous success of the Pay-Per-Click advertising model, many companies have burst onto the scene with their own platforms.

Nowadays, there are plenty of networks utilizing this internet-advertising model. They deliver paid traffic directly to the website that allows you to boost sales and attract new purchasers. The main point is to create valid ads to get through to new clients and to optimize the site to make user interaction with it easy and comfortable.

The Best Pay-Per-Click Advertising Networks of 2020

Here are the top PPC Pay-Per-Click Advertising networks you need to know about in 2020.

Google Ads1. Google Ads

The granddaddy when it comes to Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Google Ads stands above all when it comes to audience reach and advertising tools to meet your businesses goals & requirements. If you want to grow your business Google Ads is the place to go.

Google has 90.46% of the search engine market share worldwide, owns the top video platform ‘Youtube’, has it’s own email service ‘Gmail’ and boast a huge partner network all of which you can tap into and run advertising across. It’s no surprise that Google Ads sits top of the food chain as the Apex predator of Pay Per Click Advertising.

Check out 7 Google Ads Remarketing Ideas.

Facebook Ads

2. Facebook Ads

With a whopping active users base of 2.3 billion and strategic owners of Instagram and Whatsapp, it’s not surprising why Facebook is second on the list behind Google Ads. Facebook ads can be as simple or sophisticated as you want them to be.

Create and run campaigns using simple self-service tools, and track their performance with easy-to-read reports. With the ability to run ads across Instagram, native apps and other platforms across its entire audience network, Facebook Ads has a proven track record in helping business generate a positive ROI.

Youtube Ads

3. Youtube Ads

It’s no surprise that Youtube is on this list, purchased by Google in 2006, Youtube has grown into a dominating figure when it comes to video streaming boasting more than 1.9 billion users.

Online, everything is pushing towards video content due to the fact it’s more engaging and easily accessible not to mention that already 80% of global Internet consumption is related to video content.

When it comes to Youtube marketing one of the key stats that standout is 85% of all marketers have used YouTube in 2019 for video marketing.If you’re not using Youtube as a marketing tool already, we suggest you add it to your arsenal.

Microsoft Pay-Per-Click Advertising

4. Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Known as Bing Ads)

Microsoft is becoming a real player when it comes to online advertising. The Microsoft Search Network consists of Bing and partner sites such as Yahoo, MSN, and Outlook. It’s where your business can reach a large and unique audience made up of millions of people who search every day.

Microsoft has the advantage of exclusively serving Yahoo search traffic, powering several voice searches, and access to LinkedIn data, so look for even more opportunities as advertising technologies advance. If Microsoft can figure out an ethical way to incorporate Xbox into its ad targeting options, this could really open up more exciting opportunities for marketers, brands and businesses.

Twitter Ads

5. Twitter Ads

With more than 330 million users, advertising through Twitter has become just as important as Google. Twitter lets us interact with engaged users, build our online community, respond to customers, and push our own product updates and deals.

Twitter offers a number of advertising tools, including Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends, and Keyword Targeting in Timelines.

LinkedIn Pay-Per-Click Advertising

6. Linkedin Ads

Not only do they boast a users base of more than 260 million, what really helps set LinkedIn ads apart from other social media advertising platforms (e.g., Facebook & Twitter), is their B2B targeting options. B2B marketers flock to LinkedIn because that’s where “all of the professionals” are.

Knowing this, LinkedIn has optimized its targeting options to allow marketers to really hone in and be able to connect with those specific professionals.

Adroll Remarketing

7. AdRoll

Remarketing is the in-thing at the moment and this re-targeting platform uses more than 34 million signals to make marketing predictions for targeting. Reach your target audiences on top sites, social networks, personalised email, and beyond.

AdRoll campaigns run across desktop and mobile inventory on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, AppNexus, OpenX, and 500+ leading networks and exchanges.

Outbrain Native Ads

8. Outbrain

When it comes to internet, content is king and Outbrain uses targeted advertising to recommend articles, slideshows, blog posts, photos or videos to a reader on leading publisher websites differentiating them from other PPC network listed above. In other words, Outbrain is the go-to PPC provider for Native Advertising across the open web.

Outbrain helps connect marketers to their target audience through personalized recommendations on the world’s leading publishers and use proprietary interest and behavioural data to capture the audience’s attention all the way to inspiring their next action.

Taboola Native Ads

9. Taboola

Taboola is a strong competitor to Outbrain and provides similar advertising options. Taboola offers a content marketing service that connects content creators with content publishers. Available tools and technology include web-based widgets titled “Content You May Like,” “You May Also Like,” “Recommended for You,” or similar.

These widgets carry pictures and links to related content (video, image-based slideshows, or articles) and are placed by content publishers on their sites.

Revcontent Native Ads

10. Revcontent

Revcontent is a leading content discovery platform helping advertisers drive a highly engaged audience through technology and partnerships with some of the world’s largest media brands. Revcontent is recognized as one of the largest content recommendation platforms on the internet. It presently serves as much as 100 billion content recommendations a month across the globe and has been successful in registering a growth rate of 900% last year.

Other Notable PPC Ad networks


There are so many PPC networks out there that advertisers can take advantage of, yes Google & Facebook are great but they are extremely competitive so expect to pay more per click. If your business doesn’t quite have the advertising budget, take the time to make yourself aware of other options out there that are more flexible, cheaper and may even be a better fit for your audience.

Need a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Solution?

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