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A self-proclaimed perfectionist, online six figure earner Steve Lawson struggled to stick with a design for his website that met his every need, portrayed his personality and was aesthetically appealing to the eye. Steve made the decision to have it professionally designed and so he gave us a call.

Steve Lawson's Landing Page 
Steve laid back personality is relevant throughout, yet still professional


To design a website that matched Steve Lawson laid backed English nature but still portrayed Steve as an industry professional enabling him to share content via his personal blog.


We utilized a theme that was clean, crisp, simple and with the all important manly feel to it. This theme allowed us to easily portray Steve's laid back nature at the same time keeping things professional. It was important that our design wasn't too overwhelming as we wanted the vocal point to be about how Steve became an online six figure earner. The blog section is very professional and the entire site has a nice simplistic flow throughout and everything from videos, buttons and colors all compliment one another.


We were able to exceed the client's expectations who was absolutely blown away by what we were able to produce. He left us a glowing review here


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