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link audit is an analysis of a website to check its integrity and other traits. It is important for every website engaging in internet marketing to set aside funds for link audit services. These services are very important and we look at the reasons why you must have it done periodically.

Good link audit services will look at the quality of the links. Low-quality links will be spotted and recommended to change for the better. The links that deliver will also be noted and their value measured.

When a website is audited and the recommendations implemented, changes made will better the website

Link Audit Services Perth

Are your links SEO friendly?

The only way to find out is by performing an audit on them. Even if they were SEO friendly two years ago, this may not be the case right now. This is because SEO algorithms keep changing and link auditors keep tabs on these changes.

They are able to test the links and recommend on how to make them SEO friendly. With an SEO friendly website, you will rank highly in search engine results which mean more traffic to your website and more gains for your business.

Any problems visitors experience when they click inbound links will be solved. There will be no ‘404 not found issues experience anymore. This means that every visitor who clicks on your link from another site will be able to land where you want them to without issues. Redirecting will not be a problem either. Link growth is also analyzed among other qualities of the link.

Other than the links, anchor text is also analyzed. Does it use the keywords appropriately? Does it entice people to want to click on it? Links that are not working will be removed and new ones that work better created to replace

There are many other activities that will be carried out during a link audit but the bottom line is that it will benefit you. This is a service that should never be overlooked. It is very important to your online presence.

Link Audit Expert

Now that you know the importance of link audit services, you may be wondering when you should seek an expert. If you have never had an audit done on your links the right time to start is now.

Talk to experts who will analyze your links and give recommendations that will be of help. Thereafter, book periodic link audits so you are always ahead of the competition in terms of link quality.

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