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Build Links With Ubersuggest

A simple way to build more links transcript 

Build More Links With Ubersuggest

So let’s take a term that’s somewhat competitive, but not too competitive. Let’s take a long-tail phrase. So what I want you to do first off is to go into Ubersuggest.

I already have it loaded up in here. And when you load up Ubersuggest, I want you to go to the Backlinks report and put in the URL of all the sites that rank above your rank on page one of Google for the term that you want to rank for.

When you’re doing this search in the Backlinks report, you want to put in the URL here. You want to make sure that you’ve selected URL, the exact URL, and then you want to click search. And what that’ll show is who’s linking to that specific page and when did they get these links. So you can see where the newly popped up pages, where the old pages.

Based on this URL, probably a newer base page. And as you can scroll down, you’ll see a list of all the sites and pages that are linking to those specific URL.

How do You Build Backlinks?

Well, first off, I want you to go through that term that you want to rank for and just go through and click on the top five, if not the top 10 results.

This one’s really easy to understand. You can see, you know, the results, I wish the price was there. So in that part of the experience, not so great. Do you need a web host, some text? And I would do this for all the listings within the Ubersuggest results for all the sites that rank above you. And when you do this, you’ll get a full list. Because each URL that ranks may have five or 10 really solid links that you may want to reach out to.

So once you would do all of that, and you got your list, what I would do is then you would want to reach out to the people. Now, when you start doing that, what you’ll find is most people will ignore you, but it is a pure numbers game. The hardest part is actually not even shooting off the email, it’s just digging through and finding the right relevant links.

You want to do this manually.  You don’t want to pay for them.

And literally, if you send out hundreds and hundreds of emails every week, you’ll get a handful of links. And if you do that for months on end, you’ll notice your rankings go up. And even though this is tedious, once you got the process down, you can go to Upwork and places like that and outsource the work to some other countries, and you’ll be building more and more links, and your rankings will go up within six to 12 months.


I know that sounds like a long time, but it’s definitely well worth it. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it.

The overall purpose of this video was for me to show you how to find good quality links, and what link to look for and what not to look for.

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