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Australian Business Directories

Nowadays, many people are using Google to search for local businesses online. Most of them are potential customers who may turn out to become loyal customers. Therefore, high rankings in the Google result pages is very crucial for the success of your business. However, you can only get high rankings if Google finds out that you are relevant and local.

With the ever-changing Google’s algorithm, the search results have changed significantly depending on your location. In the past, the search results were similar throughout Australia. However, nowadays, you will not expect to get the same results in Melbourne and Brisbane.

More and more people are looking for ways to use their websites to drive more visitors. Fortunately, there are many local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to convert your website visitors into customers. All of these strategies play a crucial role in your business. However, the most important strategy is to use Australian business directory listings to boost your ranking.

The Australian business directories will not only help drive search traffic but also acts as a great referral tool. When people click on your listings, you will get referral traffic. Therefore, this is high time you started finding the right Australian directories. You might be wondering about where and how to get the best directories for your business.

There are some things you should know before submitting your directories.

How to find the best Australian Business Directories

In most cases, you will find submission services or directory lists that offer up to 250 Australian Business directory websites. However, you should not trust them as they will waste your time and money. They can potentially harm your Google ranking. Why is it advisable to avoid such directory lists?

  • – They are obsolete because they are derived from outdated lists
  • – They include directories that require payment
  • – They have not tried and tested hence most directories are in a dilapidated form
  • – These websites are just useless and will not provide backlink value

Top 10 Australian Business Directories For Local SEO


Other notable Australian Business Directories

After making an audit on your directory lists, you will probably know all Australian Business Directories that do not meet the set standards. So what steps will you take to make sure that the remaining websites have real traffic value? Therefore, you will need to make one more effort in preparing your business listing information.

Prepare business listing information

When making directory submissions, you have to enter the same information over and over. So you prepare adequately not to waste your precious time.

Here the information you should gather into one document:

  • – 2-3 business listing titles
  • – Business contacts email address
  • – Submission email address
  • – Social media links
  • – Business phone number
  • – Up to 3 business descriptions. Each should have a maximum of 200 words
  • – A square logo image. A 300-pixel image is suitable.
  • – Business ABN
  • – 5 business-related images

Once you have got this data on hand, you will speed up the process of making directory submissions.

Tips for Directory submission

These additional tips will help you get the maximum value from the Australian directory submissions.

  • – Ensure that you avoid creating duplicate listings by searching each directory for the business name
  • – Make sure that your login details are easy to remember.
  • – Exhaust all the available listings. You’ll get maximum value by making your listings as complete as possible.
  • – Use a variety of titles and descriptions.
  • – Make proper use of a dedicated email rather than a personal email.
  • – Expect to get some phone calls from your directories
  • – Check your confirmation emails immediately after making directory submission.

Asking for reviews from your clients is the perfect way to boost your profile. In this case, your clients will provide honest reviews of your products or services. This will increase your referral traffic as well as your backlink value. Once you have found Australian Business directories that meet these criteria, you will be on your way to getting higher Google ranking.

In conclusion, Australian Business Directories are an excellent way to boost your rankings. However, you will become successful if you follow the above tips.

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The directory must be Australian. International directories will not be added.

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