Video Marketing, Is It Right For You?


Video Marketing

If you ignore video as a marketing tool, you are making a big mistake. In this age of mass media, it’s not easy to stand out, that’s why you need to use all the content tools at your disposal and put them together to make a hard-hitting and memorable marketing moment.

Here are some hard-hitting facts when it comes to video:

  • More than 2 billion people use YouTube, watching an average of 5 billion hours of videos every day.
  • YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and the third most visited site on the web.
  • Almost 40% of the top videos viewed are adverts.
  • Almost half the YouTube video views are on mobile devices.
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute.
  • By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.

Video combines words and vivid imagery with sound to create that moment. Whether it’s a 30-second advert, a fun viral clip, or an informational video, more than 50% of businesses are using video content marketing to great effect.

Video continues to be one of the most effective elements in a digital marketing strategy as we roll into 2020 and it’s not stopping any time soon.

Want to see more stats? Check out 55 staggering video marketing statistics of 2019

Why Video Marketing?

The good news is that any small business can also use this affordable marketing tool to just check out some of these mind-blowing stats when it comes to video marketing.

  • Placing a video in an email can lead to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate
  • Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by more than 50%
  • A recent survey suggests that users are 64% more likely to purchase an item after watching a video
  • Real estate companies receive more than 4X the number of inquiries from ads that include video.

Video is more than just cute cates and babies

While many of you have probably spent hours watching funny cats, cute babies, and silly humans, videos have taken on a far more significant marketing role in recent years.

Businesses are discovering that combining entertainment and information has become the most effective way to convey a message.

Video Is Full-On- Audio-Visual Marketing

The beauty of video is that you can get your message across in full-blown color and audio, leaving a lasting sensory impression on your audience. Well-made videos can engage your audience, keep their attention and live in their memory for a lot longer than your average advert or billboard.

This is priceless in the age of short attention spans and information overload. They are also easy to share and consume.

Video Can Tell A Powerful Story

Video is all about getting your message across through creative storytelling. Music, images, animation, and words all come together to tell a compelling story. And life is all about memorable stories.

Video Can Be Personalized

Personalized messaging has become a highly-effective tool in digital marketing. People like seeing other people that they can relate to.

This does not mean actors but real people like you and me, telling real-life stories that we can all identify with and appreciate.

Video can help build brands

Video has proven itself as the most effective tool when it comes to building your brand. Whether you use creative animations, thoughtful content or fun, quirky messaging, viewers are far more likely to share and enjoy this type of content than they will static content.

Beau Buckley

I'm a digital marketing expert, the founder of Revolucion One and SEO Services London. I've personally been making money online since 2009, so when it comes to generating more leads and sales for your business, I'm your go-to expert.

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  • I’m not really comfortable in front of a camera but I was thinking of getting some animation videos produced this year. I’ve been really lacking on the video side of content marketing.

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