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Weedman Lawn Care Service, a Minneapolis franchise came to us in dire straights wanting a complete web design and SEO makeover. Their current website was out of date, poorly designed and SEO and mobile optimization was non existent, you could say it was in complete ruins.

This was a project that only REVOLUCION ONE could handle and we were anxiously waiting to sink our teeth into this project.

Web Design and SEO Make Over

Weedman website before web design make over

As you can see from the image above Weedman was in trouble, it was horrible just looking at the website and Google must have felt the same way, because when looking into the analytics this website was hardly receiving any traffic unless it was the owner.

A professional run business offline, weedman was far from professional online but they came to the right agency and we were locked and loaded to blow this project out of the park and give them a web design and SEO make over of the century.

Web Design and SEO Make Over Begins

We went about building their new website on a sub-domain so we could keep their old website up just in-case, by a small chance it gets some traffic which converts into a customer.  Even though this site is badly built some presence is better than no presence. Weedman were using WordPress CMS on their old website, so we stuck with this in the new web design. This number might shock you but  39% of websites online are utilizing WordPress as their CMS. WordPress is very robust and allows for incredible flexibility with not only design but also web development. P.S Google absolutely loves WordPress when built and designed right giving them an edge in the SEO department.

Repairme Theme

When choosing a theme, we wanted to go with something that would provide us a good base to build from. As Weedman is an Offline company the goal of the website is to convert traffic into leads so it was important that the website had lead capture forms. We spent several hours going through many themes trying to find the perfect fit for what we were trying achieve and decided to go with Repairme Theme By Ancora Themes

Repairme Theme

This theme would gives us the perfect base to build from to create a unique and custom design for Weedman Lawn Care Service. The main reason we went for this theme wasn’t because of the design but because of the lead capture forms that also had a pop functionality which actually provides a small edge for conversions.

So, we installed Repairme Theme and than created a custom child theme to make all our web design customizations. The biggest custom redesign we made was to the header. Given this is a lawn care company we felt the header was quite bland and wouldn’t cut it in regards to conversion optimization. So we completely redesigned the header to form a brand spanking new header that not only looked great, but would increase conversions.

Instead of a slider we went with a static background image that had an opt-in form on the right hand side to convert traffic into leads for the business. We wanted this to be very simple not only to generate leads but simple enough for the potential customer to request more information via Phone or Email.


Weedman New

New and improved Weedman site with custom header and designed for conversions

As you can see from the image above, making these few changes made a huge difference in not only design but increasing conversions. Everything about the layout speaks lawn care from the background images, the logo, the forms, the header, the sub header, icons and the colors. When a potential customer lands on this page he or she instantly gets it and can navigate easily around the website.

SEO and Local SEO Strategy

Weedman tried everything in their power with their old site to get some traction in the search engines, but the problem they were having is that keywords were in-correctly laid out on the page, the content, the links, the images were in a complete mess. There was no structure to this site at all and to achieve great SEO there needs to be a consistent flow with the website and the keywords used need to  be relevant to the business throughout. When it comes to SEO your entire website needs to be about your product and services and you use the best matched keywords that fits your style of business.

Google has made everything about relevance and quality. It’s about providing the best user experience and just so you know Keyword Stuffing is a big no no, Google will see this as trying to cheat the system. Keep things simple, relevant and make sure quality is of a high standard and Google will love you for it.

Keyword Layout for SEO

From the image above you can see that all the services inner pages were keyword specific to the service they provided and was congruent from head to bottom i.e URL, Page Title, Header, Content, Image Alt Tags and Meta Description. Everything on the pages has relevance to the Keyword and all the services in the menu, footer and home page all link to the relevant service pages.  As i said previously having flow and congruence throughout your site is what builds authority and credibility for your site to help rank in the Search Engines.

With that being said there are other factors that help with SEO like site speed, backlinks, social bookmarking, relevant videos , optimized code, delivering consistent content etc but your layout of your page is the most crucial to getting you ranked.

Lawn Care Service Directory for a Huge Local SEO Buff

Weedman Lawn care not only services Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs, but they also service near by areas within the State of Minnesota, and taking this into consideration we believed that implementing a Lawn Care directory strategy will provide a huge Local SEO buff and position the site as an authority Lawn Care Service within the Search Engines.

What we did was create 87 pages each keyword specific for area they serviced for example; Weed Lawn Care Service Arden Hills with the keywords being ( Lawn Care Service Arden Hills ) these keywords are congruent throughout the page including Title, Meta, URL, Content, Headers etc and each page had the same header as the home page for conversions and also showcases the services linking to their retrospective pages. The directory is displayed on the home page where the user would simply just click on their location which directs them to the inner page for that specific location where they can aquire more information.

Weedman Lawn Care Directory SEO Buff

Directory for local SEO buff

This works extremely well when a potential customer types in a area specific keyword, Google will display the inner page in the search results thus directing the user to the location-specific page. This provides a great user experience and lets them know ” Hey Weedman also services your location, gives us a call”.

Creating a directory will position Weedman as the Authority and given the content they now have and the relevance displayed throughout the entire site will position Weedman Lawn Care the dominate factor for all Lawn Care Services in Minnesota state.

We were delighted to have Weedman Lawn Care Service franchise as a client of ours and were privileged to provide them a web design and SEO service, we look forward to working with them in the future and generating greater results for their business.

Weedman Web Design and SEO Package Included:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Keyword Ranking
  • Performance Optimization
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Digital Consulting

Total cost of Package $2500

Estimated time of Delivery 4 weeks, we delivered the site to them in under 2 weeks. We over promised and over delivered.

If you would like to speak to us on how we can help grow your business then please contact us

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