What is Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + or YouTube to developing brand awareness resulting in customer loyalty and more sales. Social media is upstaging traditional advertising as the new front of marketing- and that is for a good reason.

Social media is a catch-all term coined to describe social sites that provide diametrically opposite social actions. For example, twitter supports sharing short messages while Facebook is a full-blown social site that permits the sharing of a variety of media.

A social media marketing strategy can range from simply having a business blog, Twitter or Facebook account to attaching tags at the end of articles.

It can also be as complex as deploying a full-fledged campaign involving Twitter, blogs, viral videos through YouTube and social networking.

On the off chance that you are a marketer and would set up a business foundation in an area, the first thing you do is, you figure the number of individuals passing by.

The greater part of these business foundations being assembled have large volumes of individuals coming in and out of the spot that is the reason Malls or different business focuses have it constructed in an area which is examined taking into account open concentration.

It is imperative to realize that businesses are found where there is a high volume of individuals in a neighborhood. This gives you a comparative thought on the procedure that business marketers use for social media marketing.

This marketing procedure is the point at which you do Ads to advance your items or administrations and so on by using social media channels that give you links, attention and a greater volume of net traffic.

The simplest and speediest approach to introduce your business and target gigantic measure of the market are destinations where there is incredible centralization of individuals either usually online or guests in the internet.

Why you need Social Media Marketing

10 years or less prior, family businesses significantly depend on print commercial, TV ad, or even radio notice. They have to actualize this as a method for advertising or marketing their things, their administrations or their entire business.

Today, luckily, there is an easier and less expensive method for advertising your business and your association to general society – social media. You utilize social media marketing all the time. There is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. These are only a few social media destinations that you can experiment with. Utilizing social media involves vision and procedure and has single handily changed how businesses market online.

With the internet adaptability and social media, any business proprietor or individual can voice their message to the overall population.

Social networking destinations are usually a path for individuals to get together with new individuals. Gain new connections for their business, and on an individual tone, meet potential acquaintances.

Imagine how hard it was for individuals two decades back to help build up their business? Individuals physically need to meet with other individuals personally at occasions, organization meetings and organization gatherings.

Individuals from different nations would need to fly out just to visit a specific occasion. There were essentially a considerable measure of work to be done and a great deal an excess of push to apply. At this time, you can actually interact and meet with potential clients from diverse nations due to video conferencing.

With all the elements that social media accompanies, marketers or business proprietors must exploit it.

Social Media Marketing ROI

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing guarantees a beaucoup of benefits to those who deploy it as a strategy to make more sales. The benefits are many, but the major ones are enumerated and explained here below.

2.1. Improves Brand Loyalty

The arising body of evidence shows that brands who engage with their customers on social media platforms enjoy a higher brand loyalty from their customers.

A well planned social media campaign has a great potential to transform undecided customers to strong brand loyalists.

A study conducted by Convince & Convert unraveled the fact that 53% of people that follow brands in social media sites are very loyal to the respective brands.

2.2. Enhances Communication

An advertisement in traditional marketing campaigns such as TV commercials and newspaper classifieds is usually a one-way message conveyed from the business to the audience.

But social media networking makes it possible for company personnel to talk directly to clients about the business, product or service.

The two-way communication inasmuch as it enhances communication also builds confidence among the clientele.

2.3. Improves the Quality of Customer Service and Subsequently, Customer Satisfaction

With this digital age, an online platform is poised to be the best place to respond to customer complaints and concerns. It is cheaper for the customer and quicker for both the business and the customer.

Take Facebook, for example, if a customer has an issue with a service or product, it is possible that there are more other people who share the same concern.

A reply to a complaint by one customer can serve to allay all the concerns of people who have a similar problem. Social media, then, is a way to reach a huge audience of customers with customized solutions.

Not just that. Social media also makes it possible for clients to help each other.

For example, if Karen has a problem and Joseph knows the solution to that problem because he has experienced it before, Karen will receive direct help from Joseph without the intervention of dedicated online customer care personnel.

2.4. Social Media Makes it Possible to Distribute Content Widely

In the past, marketers faced a grueling challenge of reaching consumers with their products or content in the required time.

Nowadays, however, that is as easy as casting a pebble into the sea: with the aid of social media, businesses can have their message ricochet across social media sites in just the twinkle of an eye.

A generous portion of referral traffic on the web is attributable to social media accounts; that means businesses should exercise due diligence and align the content they share in their blogs, YouTube, and twitter to their brand and the interests of the audience.

Research shows that it needs close to eight exposures to a product to saturate a client with enough desire to want to purchase that product.

Social media is then the best platform to bombard prospective customers with content, memes and other media calculated to goad the undecided client to purchase the product.

2.5. Social Media Marketing Makes You an Authority in the Industry

Your influence in the industry appreciates corresponding to the intensity of interest you are able to generate on social media networks.

As the number of social media followers augments, the more consumers are confident of purchasing your product and the more authoritative you become in the industry circles.

It is a question of logic: human beings by nature are curious. When the blogosphere is abuzz with discussions on your product, it generates interest and curiosity in the clueless.

They decide to get their hands on this popular product that everybody is upbeat about. Just like wildfire, the interest spreads quickly. Before you know it, your backyard will be teeming with a mammoth following.

It is a time you tapped into the prodigious abilities of social media marketing to positively transform the fortunes of your business.

2.6. Higher Conversion Rates

Social media marketing has proven in the few years it has been around that it generates tremendous conversion rates. Partly because of some of the factors highlighted above, and also due to its humanization element. T

hat means that by creating an account and running it as a human being, the brand then acts just as human do.

The importance of this is deciphered when viewed through a psychological prism: people prefer doing business with fellow humans and not with unfeeling companies.

Therefore, building a social media audience can increase conversion rates.

The benefits of social media marketing are a legion! It is a juggernaut that is swiftly transforming the way things are done on matters advertising and marketing: If you don’t board it, you will be crushed underneath it.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing Strategies

To maximally tap the potential of social media marketing to improve sales and conversion, you will need to have a social marketing strategy. Here below are tips on how to create and deploy a social media marketing strategy.

1. Make a Game Plan and Abide By It

You risk your content falling through the cracks if you have no execution strategy for your social media marketing. Set a number of tweets to publish each day on your business’ Twitter account or number of posts to put in facebook.

The number can be adjusted when required but having a number gives you a goal and a way to gauge your progress in following through.

2. Consider Each Channel as an Independent Individual Entity

Each channel could be having a different demographic from the other, therefore, design your content with the channel audience in mind.

For example, Instagramers look for visually appealing content while LinkedIn has a mostly business-savvy and career-focused community. Content for each of these platforms will have to be crafted differently.

3. Customer Service Excellence

Respond to personal inquiries on your social media account. That will definitely build your authority.

4. Track Performance

Take time to review the degree of growth across a spectrum of aspects such as follower growth, clicks to your site or products, post likes or shares etc.

This will give you insight on what you need to put more effort on and etc. If analyzing all this stuff is daunting, you can always invest in software that will help you track and understand such data.


Social media marketing wave is a tide that will wreck your vessel or the wind that will help you sail. You choose what it is to you. There are so many benefits businesses accrue from this nascent style of selling. Don’t be left out.

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